Pizza Chef 2

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Pizza Chef 2 is a puzzle game that was first released in 2010. In the game, players are tasked to run a series of restaurants and serve customers. At the start of the game, a grid with symbols is displayed on the game screen. Players must create matches of three or more of the same ingredients in order to complete the customers’ orders. Each customer has five hearts over the head to symbolize patience. The player’s goal is to serve the customers before the hearts on top of their heads turn all white.

The player also has a monetary goal that must be finished for each level. The level must be repeated if the monetary goal is not reached. The first few levels of the game are easy to complete, but the game gets harder as the player progresses through higher levels. Aside from the time management game, Pizza Chef 2 also features other mini games, such as hidden object games, and puzzles.

Here are the other features of the Pizza Chef 2 game:

• Game has more than 70 levels
• Money earned from each level can be used to purchase recipes and upgrades
• Serve different types of customers
• Invest earned money to improve restaurant