Bendigo Design | (Shareware)

Pixo is a program that allows users to add effects to photos and images. It comes with more than 40 different effects that can be applied to pictures. The application is different from other programs, as users have complete control over the area of the image to edit. Users do not need technical knowledge in photo editing in order to use this application. The main window consists of the main area where users can makes changes to the image. The right side of the main window is where users can tweak the settings for the applied effect. Some of the effects included in the program are grayscale and sepia, as well as other creative effects.

Under the Settings window, users have different options to change including email options, cursor, image resizing, warnings and reminders, and capture devices. After making changes to an image, they can be saved in different file formats, including PDF. Finished photos and images can also be sent through email.

Here are the other features of the program:

• Support for printing of photos and images straight from the program
• Allows users to have complete control over the settings of the effect
• Export finished photos in PNG, JPEG, and BMP