PixMaker Pro (Shareware)

PixMaker Pro is an application that allows users to create a 360-degree interactive environment for their website. The application is easy to use and users just need a series of shots from any camera or a panoramic video. The program supports different file formats including AVI, MPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and many others.

The program comes with a wizard interface that makes it easier for beginners to use the application. On the main window, users just have to add their panoramic video or series of photos in order to create the interactive environment. Users can then choose the stitching options from the ones available including montage, tilt angle, object view, flat, or cylindrical. Other settings for the graphic can be changed by using the tools and buttons located at the upper portion of the main window. The bottom part of the window is where users can see a preview of the final project. The entire project can be saved in different output formats including ActiveX, Postcard, Webpage, and Scene. Users also have the option to print out the project.

More of the program’s features are:

• Support for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional viewing
• Users can color correct images before adding them to the project
• Stitching is done automatically