NCH Software (Freeware)

Pixillion is a program that enables users to convert their image files into various image file formats. This program supports image conversion into GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PDF, BMP, and many more. This program allows users to convert between formats; JPEG to GIF or GIF back to JPEG. Pixillion also allows users to set the resolution for some image formats (JPEG) before proceeding to the conversion process. This program is used for converting image files to support the format required for encoding into web pages, for embedding into PDF files, or for producing an image with high compression that is suitable for files sharing and transfers, and for storage into an optical disc such as a CD or DVD. In addition to these, Pixillion contains basic image editing tools used in resizing, watermarking, and changing the orientation of images. The program’s watermark tool also contains a feature that allows users to adjust the watermark transparency.

Pixillion features a simple user interface that contains four main parts. The first part is the main control bar where users may find buttons used in adding files and folders, removing files and folders, accessing the options panel, toolbox, and the buttons used to initiate the conversion process and program upgrades. The next part is the file display section where users may view and select the files to be converted. Users may also view file information such as the file name, current file format, file size, and the source folder. The next part is the image previewer where users can view the image content. This section also displays image information such as the format, dimensions, color depth, image size, date created, and date modified. The last part contains features used to set the output folder for the images, select the output format, add output effects, as well as the convert button.