Pixie 4.1

Nattyware (Freeware)

Pixie is a color picker that allows designers to get the exact color value of an object from the desktop or from any application. This eliminates the need to manually find the hex value of a color. Once the program is installed, the application automatically runs. To get the color value of an object, hover, the mouse cursor on any area of a solid color and the Pixie window appears. On the small window, users can see the color of the object, together with its values in different formats, such as HTML, HEX, CMYK, HSV, and RGB. The HTML value of the color can be copied to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+Alt+C. Pixie also has other features:

• Color Mixer – The Color Mixer tool can be activated by pressing Ctrl+Alt+X. This tool enables users to create a custom color by mixing colors together. The custom color’s HTML value can be copied to the clipboard when the ‘Ok’ button is clicked.
• Hotkeys – Users can set hotkeys for commands. There are default hotkeys, but users can change them by right clicking on the program’s window.
• Magnifier – Pixie has a magnifier that is useful when users want to get a certain color from a complicated image. To use the magnifier, press Ctrl+Alt+Z and the image will open with the magnifier.