PixelJunk Eden

Q-Games (Proprietary)

PixelJunk Eden is a platform game developed and published by the company, Q-Games. Japanese artist named Baiyon, who was commissioned by the studio founder to collaborate on the design and soundtrack, is credited for the game’s vibrant graphics. In this game, the player assumes the role of a tiny creature called a Grimp, which possesses the ability to swing from one place to the next by clinging onto plant-like formations. It can also swing from silken harness for a short period as well as do a spinning jump. These abilities enable the Grimp to fulfill its goal of collecting items called “Spectra” that are scattered all over the gardens. Spectra are often found high above the player, so s/he must plant seeds and wait for them to grow into swing-like structures. To activate these seeds, the player must gather enough pollen and jump into them. The Grimp can collect pollen by using its body to hit enemies and then jump into the air to grab as many of the pollen particles as possible. The more enemies the player can hit at one time without hitting the ground or a plant, the more pollen can be collected.

As the player progresses in the game, the stages become more challenging at the same time. Enemies become more aggressive and they will try to knock off the Grimp from the plant swing or cut the silk cord. At the start of each stage, the player encounters a synchronization meter, which gradually decreases. To prevent the meter from getting empty, the player must collect crystals or Spectra.