Qualibyte Software (Freeware)

Pixelformer is a bitmap editor. It is used for creating and editing different types of graphics, such as icons, sprites, buttons, and other small to medium sized web components. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. Command buttons are located at the upper part of the window. Tools (pencil, paintbrush, text, eraser, magic wand, and others) are located at the left side of the main window. The work area is placed at the center of the window, while the image and color properties are located at the right hand side. A small preview window can also be seen at the lower right corner of the window.

The application does not put any limits to the sizes of graphics that can be created. In addition, the program supports different color depths, even those reaching 32-bit. Other features of the application are listed below:

• Support for semi-transparent colors and layers
• Support for free-form masking with the tools available in the program
• Imports a wide range of formats including ICO, TGA, JPG, BMP, PNG, and many others
• Supports icons that have multi-resolutions
• Undo buffer feature allows users to go back to previous operations

Pixelformer does not take up a lot of system resources when used.