PixBuilder Studio 2.2.0

WnSoft (Freeware)

PixBuilder Studio is an image editing program that consists of basic editing tools for resizing and managing colors of images. For color management, the program allows users to control the contrast and brightness of the colors, change the color balance, and also the hue and saturation. The application is also ideal for novice computer users and those who have no knowledge in photo editing as it comes with auto levels and auto contrast tools. The software also has support for layers, which allows users to be flexible when editing images. Additionally, the program has other tools like lasso, transparency masks, effects, shapes, a magic wand, and more.

PixBuilder Studio’s main window is where users can see the different tools the program offers (Layer, Colors, Effects, Tools, etc). The other tools (eraser, pencil, text, shapes, paintbrush, lasso, etc.) are located at the left side of the window. Other panels are located at the right side. They are zoom, layers, tool, undo, and channels.

Other features of the application include the following:

• Save with preview option
• High-quality effects
• Support for selection transform and free transform
• Support for photo scanners
• Support for the creation of web graphics in different formats (PNG, JPG, and GIF)