Pismo File Mount Audit Package 168

Pismo Technic Inc. (Freeware)

Pismo File Mount Audit Package is a program that enables users to access different folders and archive files from any location. This program is capable of acting as a virtual disc drive where users can mount ISO disc images as well as a virtual file explorer where users may access the contents of archive files such as ZIP and RAR files. Pismo File Mount Audit Package can be utilized to mount ZIP, ISO, RAR, Compact File Set, Compact ISO, as well as private folder files. Pismo File Mount Audit Package can also be integrated with other file access programs to enable users to mount and open files saved in different formats. This program also includes a variety of features such as ZIP reader, Compact File Set Reader, CD/DVD image file reader, Windows Explorer Integration, Private Folder Access, Command Line Interface, and Full File System Support.

Pismo File Mount Audit Package does not have its own graphical user interface but it uses an interface similar to Windows Explorer. To use the program, users must select the target file that needs to be accessed and open it with Pismo File Mount Audit Package. This will open the window that displays the actions that can be done with the file. Users can select an input and output folder in decompressing archive files, mounting disc image files, and tools for encrypting and decrypting the contents of private folders.