PingPlotter Pro 3.40

Nessoft, LLC (Shareware)

PingPlotter Pro is a software application that allows users to easily monitor network activity and identify problems affecting the performance of a workstation. It collects data from multiple remote hosts while running in the background, and presents the information in form of an intuitive graph. It has the ability to run as a non-administrative user and provides support for TCP trace route. When network conditions change, the program sends a notification to the user so that the issue can be addressed immediately. Other features that PingPlotter Pro has include:

• A summary screen that displays the conditions of all active traces
• Mean opinion scores, jitter metrics, and other VoIP-oriented troubleshooting capabilities
• Custom calculations and adaptability through its built-in script engine
• User interface that enables users remote access and control to the program’s data and settings
• Improved script-oriented conditions and events that allow users to compose their own actions and rules

The main window of PingPlotter comes with a list of default addresses that the user can trace. The items in the Samplings and Statistics sections can be modified to control how often the program performs trace routes and to put a limit on how long PingPlotter operates. As soon as the user selects an address from the list and clicks on the Trace button, pings and trace routes commence in order to determine the status of the route between the selected address and the system.