Pika Zip

bugcity (Shareware)

Pika Zip is a lightweight tool that is designed to decrypt confidential passwords, which are set in a zip file. This program makes it easier to gain access to zip files usually sent via email. There is no need to try possible password options one by one and waste time with guesswork. This tool is a decoder that unzips the file and gives the user access despite the inability to recall the correct password. This system utility is a program that can be used to recover passwords set by the user as well as passwords set by another person.

Pika Zip is a recovery tool that is compatible with Japanese characters. It is developed by bugcity. This application performs complicated tasks but is does not require advanced computer programming knowledge to operate. This tool is designed for every day usage and comes with a user interface that facilitates fast, efficient, and accurate password recovery.

Oftentimes, people want to protect the confidentiality of zip file contents by applying a password. When the password is forgotten, the files cannot be unzipped and opened. Pika Zip provides a means around this unfortunate situation. This program is easy to operate and works fastest when the password contains only four characters.