Pif Designer

Seiko Epson Corporation (Freeware)

Pif Designer is an application developed by Epson that is used as a graphic tool in designing invitations, greeting cards, birthday cards, congratulatory cards, party cards, photo albums and other art materials by adding original frames. The program does not have frame designs to begin with. Users should provide the frames by downloading designs from the Internet or may use other software of printers and digital cameras. The Epson website provides frame designs that are ready for download. The application requires users to download, install, and register online using EPSON Photoquicker. Epson PhotoQuicker  is a support application that enables users to print photos using frames. The version of PhotoQuicker should be 3.1 or higher. The application also requires installation of EPSON PRINT Image Framer Tool. This program adds features and comes with various frame designs. Users with EPSON printer with a memory card drive comes with a Pif Designer.

Pif Designer can be opened on the computer by opening a photo or image using the application. Once opened, the screen will display the interface of the program.  A user can start a project by choosing a new frame or by editing existing work.  The user can customize the settings by adjusting the paper size and margins. To add style, users can add images to the frame.