Pidgin 2.11.0

The Pidgin developer community (Freeware)

Pidgin, formerly known as Gaim, is a multi-platform instant messenger program that was first released in 1998. It supports several instant messaging programs, such as AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Zephyr, Bonjour, and many more. The program offers basic features of a chat client including file sharing, chat history, and many more. Users can access all their contacts on different chat application in one window.

The program has a feature called Buddy Pounce, wherein users can trigger an action whenever a certain contact signs in or out of Pidgin. Some actions can include playing a sound, opening a chat window, or sending a message to the contact. Pidgin also supports smileys and emoticons. Some of them can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

Aside from having the basic functions of an instant messenger, the program also provides plugins for added functionality. These plugins can be downloaded from the website ( There are plugins for security and privacy, protocols, status updates, interface tweaks, and many more. Pidgin also comes with officially supported plugins that can be accessed from the Tools menu.

Other features of the application are:
Logging and time-stamping features
Auto-save of status
Customizable with skins
Multi-language interface
Privacy options