PictureGear Studio

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

PictureGear Studio is a photo editing application that comes pre-installed in some models of Sony VAIO laptops. The program is used for managing digital photos and it has five components: Import Photos, PrintStudio, Binder, Photo Collection, and Photo Album. The buttons for these components are found on the program’s main menu. Photos can be imported in several ways. Users can connect cameras to the laptop with a USB cable to transfer photos, or they can also be transferred directly from a memory card. The program supports BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF.

The PrintStudio feature allows users to create postcards and greeting cards from their own photos. There are built-in templates for different occasions and users can personalize the cards by adding text or stamps. The PhotoAlbum is a tool for creating a digital photo album. There are tools, such as stamps, symbols, pens, and layouts for creating photo album pages. The PhotoCollection feature is a photo organizer for managing thousands of photos. Photos can be displayed in calendar view and they can be grouped in different categories.

One of the photo sharing features of PictureGear Studio is the Binder. Binder enables users to add a full paragraph to the photo. The Binder pages can then be shared via email to other PictureGear Studio users.