Picture Style Editor 1.12.2

CANON INC. (Freeware)

Picture Style Editor is an application that allows users to edit digital photos. The application is designed for editing .pf2 (Picture Style) image files. Canon’s picture style file format consists of five settings that are built-in to the camera. These are contrast, color tone, sharpness, saturation, and color balance. The Picture Style Editor software consists of different tools for tweaking the colors of an image. The program’s main window is used for viewing the image file. The image can be displayed in its actual pixel size. There are different magnifications available, too.

Picture Style Editor has a preliminary adjustment window where users can tweak the color balance (brightness and white balance). The preliminary adjustment window has a slider and a menu for making the adjustments. Users can also set specific colors on the image to edit. This can be done by specifying the values for the color. It uses three color expression systems, Lab, HSL, or RGB. Additionally, the program has a tool palette that consists of all the editing functions that can be done with Picture Style Editor. Another tool is the Navigator. This tool shows the background of the image and a histogram. Users can move to different parts of the photo by using the navigator.