Picture Shifter 2.1.0

My Real Games (Freeware)

Picture Shifter is a casual video game where the player matches animals. In this game, the player manages the animals in the Funny Islands. However, all of them now need help and rescuing. To save these animals, the player must drag them to the matching slots. A time limit exists to complete the mission. Otherwise, the game restarts. Once the game drags all the animals into the correct matches, the player proceeds to the next level. A total of 142 levels are included in this game.

In Picture Shifter, the player starts at a selected spot. After beating that spot, the player can move to the next. Since there is an overlay map where the player can see the spots, the user is free to go back to the spot that he or she has previously completed to replay the level. This is usually done to earn more points in the game. In the game’s main interface, six columns are filled with different animals. Specific animals are labeled at the bottom of the screen. The player must then match the animal in the pillar to the animal below it. Picture Shifter has two main game modes, which are “casual” and “expert.”