Picture Packages

Sony Corporation (Proprietary)

Picture Packages is a video creation software developed by Sony Corporation for its range of Handycam cameras. The program enables users to manage the photos and images taken from their Sony Handycam and create a slide presentation from them in the form of videos. The program features five main components: AutoVideo, VCD Maker, Viewer, AutoSlide, and CD backup.  

Picture Packages AutoVideo first scans the whole storage for all the images.  The images will then be grouped and categorized according to date or type. The program automatically discards duplicates, as well as those with poor image quality. The program then requires the user to define a plot through the timeline. Users can order the images according to date or some other sequence of events. Picture Packages enables users to apply special effects to specific images or to the whole collection.  Users can also add transition effects between images. The program also features the capability to add audio soundtrack. Supported music file formats include MP3 and WMA. The VCD Maker tool allow users to save or burn the finished video into a VCD media.

Picture Packages AutoSlide organizes the images into a slideshow, but not in video format. This slideshow can be viewed using the Viewer tool. The CD backup tool allows users to backup the images and the slideshow file in a CD.