Picture Motion Browser

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Picture Motion Browser (PMB) is a digital photo organizer developed by Sony Corporation. It works by generating an index of media files store on a computer or digital camera. The program is used for different photo management tasks. It offers various tools for organization and editing, searching, viewing, back-up and even face recognition.

Picture Motion Browser can organize photos using different organizing tools. It offers tracking, file importing, facial recognition, tags, and collections features for sorting files. Its facial recognition features allows users to identify faces on the photos while the geotagging feature allows users to geotagged the files with Google Maps. Picture Motion Browser also has basic photo editing tools. This includes red eye reduction, color enhancement and cropping. Other features available in this program include printing, slideshows, resize and image timelines. The application can also be integrated with different online photo printing services.

PMB can also be used for searching files. It has a search bar that is always available when viewing the media library. This feature can be used for searching captions, filenames, folder names, tags and other metadata. For viewing purposes, PMB’s main window is integrated with its viewing window. A full screen mode is also available when displaying files in slideshow mode. The application is also used for backing up media files to BluRay, DVD or CD provided that the required software is installed in the computer. Media files can also be exported to other media devices like Sony digital cameras or memory stick.