PicsAid 1.5

DigiDNA (Shareware)

DigiDNA’s PicsAid utility is designed so users can recover all photos that were synced with iTunes. Should a computer crash or virus attack occur, or if the user wants to simply share their pics, PicsAid will allow the user to retrieve and share all photos and images, as well as enable copying of all synchronized albums to whichever computer they choose.

This application is necessary because iTunes does not allow sharing or copying of photos with other computers or devices. Apple iTunes only allows the user to copy images to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod through synchronization; which means that it only works from computer to device. This means that whatever is copied to the device’s database stays there. The PicsAid program allows the user to copy photos and images back to their computers.

Some important features of PicsAid are:

• No jailbreak required for iPhone or iPod Touch
• Plug-and-play setup makes it a practical tool for novice computer users
• Stable recovery in the event of a system crash that may otherwise corrupt data contained in images
• Drag-and-drop feature when using Windows Explorer
• User-friendly interface allows copying of images and photos to a user-selected folder with one click.