PicPick Image Editor 3.28

PicPick Organization (Shareware)

PicPick Image Editor is the image data editing application that can be found in the PicPick design software bundle. It allows program users to gain access to a series of tools that can be used to edit different types of image files without having to resort to a complicated not to mention full blown design program. It is best suited to beginners in digital design considering the simplicity of the interface that the PicPick Image Editor comes with.

It was created as a function of the digital design suite under the same company. When the suite is launched, the user will gain access to a list of functions, one of which being the PicPick Image Editor, from which a wide array of tools will then be presented to assist the individual in any image editing needs. When the PicPick Image Editor is launched, the user can then choose to generate a new image from scratch using the different tools available or import an existing image file from the computer system.

When a workable image has been opened or generated, the user can then rely on the editing tools, which include basic improvement options such as the enhancement feature, cropping, rotation, color controls, and the like to develop an even better picture that can then be saved for later usage.