Alexander Sabov (Shareware)

PicMaster is an application that enables users to edit bitmap graphics and other images saved in BMP format. As such, it also has tools for editing photos to remove red eye and add captions. It also has 300 filter effects that can be used to enhance images. Aside from the basic image editing and slideshow creation functions, this application also has features that enable it to capture webcam images, morph photos, and display anaglyph images.

• Image capture – this feature can be used to turn an ordinary web camera into a security device. With this application, the web camera can be set to detect movement and send the user an e-mail notification when there is movement on the focused area.
• Photo morphing – this transforms portraits from one person to another. Users must have portraits of two different persons in similar postures. This application cuts out the essential shapes (such as the head) and places points of support on prominent features such as the mouth, nose, and eyes. It then calculate the intermediate changes between the two photos and creates a video of the transformation.
• Anaglyph image display – this application can create an anaglyph image, which is done by shooting two slightly displaced photographs. This results in an illusion of a 3D picture, which can be viewed using 3D glasses