Picasa Photo Viewer

Google Inc. (Freeware)

Picasa Photo Viewer is a photo-sharing application. Users who have joined Google can share their photos directly to their circles with this software. The photo-viewer app lets them enhance their pictures with various effects before they share them on Google. When editing, users can compare two different photographs side by side. They can also compare a picture with its original or previously edited versions.

Sharing videos and photos in other users’ Google stream begins with selecting the files for sharing and uploading them to create a Google album. A message box below the panel lets users type captions to describe the album. After clicking on the “Share on Google” button at the bottom of the Picasa Window, they can add their Google+ circles, email addresses of friends, and other individuals on Google+. It is also possible to upload photos without sharing them in Google+. Selecting the “Best for Web Sharing” option allows users to upload unlimited numbers of pictures for free. Pictures can be uploaded at resolutions of up to 2048 pixels.

Picasa Photo Viewer provides a wide range of editing and enhancing effects for photographs and images. Double-clicking on a photo launches tabs representing the program’s tools. These tabs are called Basic Fixes, Tuning, Basic Effects, and Advanced Effects. Users can modify elements of their pictures using the tools in each of the tabs. They can also click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to simplify the process by letting Picasa do all the editing.