Picasa Media Detector

Google (Bundled)

Picasa Media Detector is one of the tools included in every Picasa downloaded from its Google site. It helps in organizing the photos either through online or offline means. It also helps in the basic digital photography needs as the program allows the users to perform a diversity of functions in their digital photos such as edit them, crop and the like. Now, together Picasa with Picasa Media Detector, it is easier to search and look for the photos in the computer when uploading or from a camera or hard drive.

Picasa Media Detector runs in the background to aid and help the user in uploading the photos in Picasa once the hard drive or the camera is connected or synced in. One of the best features of Picasa Media Detector is it comes easy and automatic as users do not have to do anything to run or to start this it. Most users of older versions of Picasa has the detectors automatically enabled by default. This was later changed in the current version since it may have a conflict with Windows OS' own media detector. This is an easy problem to solve since users can just operate the detector as default program after installing the free photo editing and sharing software.

Picasa Media Detector, once enabled, easily performs its support function and fetches photos and images so that the whole program (Picasa) can in turn do the social media sharing (Mostly Google+) or basic editing (frames and contrast).