Google Inc. (Freeware)

Picasa is a digital photo and video organizer software. It was first released in 2002. Picasa is designed for image editing, organizing, and viewing.

Picasa allows users to share photos directly to Google Plus, where people in your circles can see your albums. This application has a built-in face recognition feature that suggests you how you can classify your photos according to their similarities based on the faces found on your pictures. Users can also tag their friends in their Google Plus circles and share pictures of them.

Picasa has a vast selection of editing effects and filters that allows users to transform their photos, from basic fixes to tuning and advanced effects. Users can add texts, adjust contrast, auto color, crop, reduce redeye, retouch, and straighten images. You can also visually enhance images by adjusting their color temperature, highlights, lighting, and shadows. You may use from various photo effects, such black and white, film grain, glow, saturation, sepia, sharpness, soft focus, tint, and warmth. Users may also try different advanced filters, like cinemascope, cross processed, duo tone, HDR, heat map, Holga, infrared, inverted, Lomo, Orton, or posterized.

Side by side editing is a feature of Picasa. Users can use this option to compare two different photos. Picasa always preserves original photos. Edits and filters are only applied once the user decides to save changes. Similarly, you can use Google’s popular feature called “I’m Feeling Lucky” whenever you want to perform a quick edit on your images.