VOWSoft,Ltd. (Shareware)

PicaLoader is a utility that enables the user to easily download multiple pictures automatically. It is a product of Vowsoft. The application employs a download manager that synchronizes and organizes the downloaded pictures in a thumbnail browser. The program is also capable of doing multi-threaded searches and downloading more pictures and link following. It also enables users to go through links of pictures to be downloaded. It is equipped with a retrieving robot that gets all the pictures the user wants to download.

Other highlights of the program are:

• Secured Browsing – The program uses an HTTP proxy server to secure every downloaded file to make sure it is safe from malware or spyware.
• Resumes download – Automated robots directly detect any broken download link and resume the download.
• Password Protected – Users can protect their projects by setting up a password.
• Wallpaper Searches – The application has built in program that enables users to have a variety of wallpapers available on the web.
• Picture Search rating – Every time the user searches any picture, the program automatically evaluates its name, size, width and height.

PicaLoader synthesizes or combines all the resources on the Internet in terms of looking for and downloading pictures through automated robots.