Picaboo X

Picaboo (Freeware)

Picaboo X is an application that lets users create photo books online and have these printed by Picaboo. Users select photos from their hard drive’s media library using the program’s drag-and-drop feature and combine these with page backgrounds provided by the program. Users can resize and enhance the photos and specify the layout of each page in the book. Captions and other text may be added to each page. When it is done, the user can order the printed photo book through the program’s order form. The program allows users to send the printed photobooks to multiple recipients in a single order.

The other features of Picaboo X are as follows:
• More than 240 ready-made layouts and thousands of free backgrounds to choose from
• Customizable layouts that lets users adjust photo sizes, rotation, and position. Captions and other bodies of text may also be added, rotated, resized, and moved to any location on the page.
• Photo editing tools including red eye removal and adjustments for saturation, image contrast, and picture brightness
• Real-time spell-check function for captions
• Eyedropper feature for matching page elements such as borders and text to any color

The application also features an online library where users can display, edit, and share their photo books.