Modartt (Shareware)

Pianoteq is a stand-alone Virtual Studio Technology instrument developed by Modartt and released on December 2012. This MIDI-controlled software emulates the piano, electric piano, harpsichord, and vibraphone using virtual modeling technology. It is described as a fourth-generation piano in that it utilizes mathematical algorithms to generate the piano sounds. This is in comparison to acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and sample-based software pianos which correspond to first, second, and third generation pianos. This program also enables users to add some sampled acoustic noises including key release, pedal thump, and hammer thumps.

Pianoteq features numerous piano models including acoustics M3 and C3 for classical, and Wurly and Rhody electric pianos. This program also enables users to download musical instruments that may be incorporated to it including fortepianos, harpsichords, and bells and carillons. Some downloads are free and some are available for a minimum fee. These are historical musical instruments that are brought back to life for the KIViR project or the Keyboard Instruments Virtual Restoration project. This project aimed to recreate the experience of playing historical musical instruments which are now commonly found on museums only.

Pianoteq features mic support, as well as the capability to configure mic positions for up to 5 mics. This program also features multi-channel support for up to 5 channels. It has a piano factory which enables users to create their own piano and features an advanced parameter and presets manager.