PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

Tanseon Systems (Proprietary)

PianoFX STUDIO 4.0 is an application that allows users to practice piano playing using the keyboard. It is also called a Piano Music Keyboard Synthesizer and designed to be used on a computer. It allows users to synthesize the sound of the piano with their own personal computer. It works in a way that each key on the keyboard is made to sound like a piano key. Similar to a professional piano synthesizer, it also has a 10 Drum synthesizer machine, a collection of more than a hundred different percussion and musical instruments that have a realistic tone, sample melodies, 4-note polyphonic sounds, and others. Output or the musical composition can also be recorded in WAV.

PianoFX STUDIO 4.0 features a user-friendly interface. It is made to look and sounds like a real piano. The main menu has four selections including File, Midi Device, Registration, and Help. The keys are on the bottom part of the screen. The volume and pitch adjustments are on the leftmost portion, followed by the melody sample and drum machine. Drum machine selections include bass drum, snare, cymbal, high tone, bongo, timbale, agogo, tambourine, conga, and claves. The user can also select on what type of piano to use like Acoustic Grand Piano, Bright Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, and others.