Physical Analyzer

Cellebrite Mobile Data Secured (Shareware)

Physical Analyzer is a computer program that enables the user to recover information which has already been deleted. This utility is also capable of decrypting data, and acquiring data from mobile applications which are protected by a password. Physical Analyzer is a digital forensics and investigation tool which is made to overcome password locks and SIM pin numbers.

Physical Analyzer is an advanced reporting and analysis application used in the mobile forensic industry. Here are some of the basic functions of this application:
• Malware detection
• Project analytics
• Decoding function
• Reporting function
• Data exportation

Another functionality of this tool is decoding and extraction of portable GPS devices. Physical Analyzer is compatible with OS such as Blackberry, Android, and iOS.

This utility is also capable of keychain real-time decryption and can reveal user passwords, with the capability to work out simple and complex passwords. Physical Analyzer can be launched from a handheld devices and ideal for data extraction in the field and can be used as well during adverse outside conditions. Physical Analyzer is a creation of Cellebrite Mobile Data Secured, a company that produces devices concerned with data analysis, data transfer and data extraction. The specialized products from the company are applicable to mobile platforms and cellular phones.