PhraseExpress 11.0.136

Bartels Media GmbH (Freeware)

PhraseExpress is a text expander that automatically inputs phrases the user often types. The application is mostly used by customer care representatives, transcriptionists, medical staff, business owners, and many others. The program has an auto-text feature, which expands typed abbreviations into full words or phrases. Auto-complete, which automatically inputs sentences commonly used, is also integrated with the application. The built-in spell checker is capable of identifying over 10,000 spelling mistakes in different languages. One of the program’s features is TypoLearnTM, which identifies users’ common mistakes and adds them to the correction database. Other features include:

• Built-in email signature templates for creating signatures that can be appended to emails
• Calculator support for doing calculations while working on a text document
• Works with several applications including chat exchanges, documents, database programs, and web forms
• Support for using shortcuts and hotkeys for commonly types phrases
• Support for accessing recent files copied to the clipboard

The program’s main interface is divided into different sections. The left side of the window displays phrases and folders (PhraseExpress, Clipboard Cache, Last Used, and Word Corrections) in tree-view. The right side of the window displays a description of the selected file and its phrase content. Hotkeys for the selected file can be changed on the lower part of the window. More options can be found under the Settings window.