Phrase Expander 3.8

Nagarsoft (Shareware)

Phrase Expander is an application developed by Nagarsoft which supports autocomplete of frequently-used phrases. This function can be used in all kinds of applications. The user can set customized abbreviations or shorts for paragraphs or terms that are frequently used. When the user types in the shorts, the application automatically completes phrases or words. The application also functions with a spell checker. This tool can also suggest words as the user types.

The application can be integrated into different programs. It can work with Microsoft Office applications, Web browser, speech-to-text software, and so much more. The user can also use the shorts to start an application. The application is also used in opening web sites. The user only needs to type in the shorts to launch a web browser search. The user can also fill-out a form with the keystroke application. In addition, the tool can also work with calculating applications. Once the user downloads the application, it instantly integrates into all programs in the computer. The application works in software where typing is required.  Other features in the program include the use of:

• Pre-programmed instructions of up to 1000 commands
• Atutorial guide and 24/7 customer support
• Automated repetitive operations
• Templates in creating standard documents
• Formatted texts and pictures