PhpStorm 6.0

JetBrains s.r.o (Shareware)

PhpStorm is an IDE (Integrated development environment) for the PHP (HyperText Preprocessor) language. An IDE is a program that offers an environment where users can develop or code for a specific language. PHP, on the other hand, is a computer language created primarily for website development. The PhpStorm comes with a source code for editing, a debugger, and automation tools for building.

A code is like the actual brain of the computer, interpreting every stimulus that computer encounters. A code shuts down a computer when the user presses the shutdown button. A code prints the selected file when the user right-click and click Print from the selection. For every action that the computer does, there is a code responsible for it. PhpStorm, on the other hand, is the manufacturing site of codes. It is where codes are developed, tested, and corrected before it is put to action. Other key features of this application include a composer, namespaces, code (re)arranger, new database schema editor, and a web toolkit. Under the new database schema editor, there are the Edit Tools, Definition Editor, and Diff Tool. The Edit Tools lets the user manage the databases like adding, dropping and renaming tables. The Definition Editor assists the user in modifying definitions for views, procedures, and packages. Lastly, the Diff Tool allows for easily migration of SQL schema.