PHP Generator for PostgreSQL

SQL Maestro Group (Shareware)

PHP Generator for PostgreSQL by SQL Maestro Group is a GUI that has the capability to generate CRUD web applications and endow it with rich features. This program is intended solely for users’ PostgreSQL database. This program requires a functioning database in order for it to work.

PHP Generator for PostgreSQL is designed to create a code that is easy to understand. The outputs may also be modified as per the user’s preferences. This tool supports table-based, hard-coded server user authentication. Its security feature is at high performance level. The most upgraded version of this utility has an appealing updated and modern look with a number of visual themes that have not yet been seen before. There are a number of color schemes for the users to choose from. This tool also has multilingual support.

The main features of this program are:
• Customizable templates
• Master detail management enhancement
• Automatic filter row and filter builder
• Better usability
• Metadata refreshing possible on the fly

PHP Generator for PostgreSQL is equipped with both multi-level auto-complete controls and enhanced “after action” functions. This program offers support for SQL inquiries as well as event-driven content management. There are other functions that this utility is capable of such as custom pagination, detail presentations, and data validation.