PhoXo 8.0.0

PhoXo (Freeware)

PhoXo is a photo editing application that consists of basic and advanced editing tools. It supports editing with layers and has functions similar to Photoshop. It supports different image file formats including GIF, BMP, JPG, and PNG. The program can be used by both novice and advanced computer users. Some of the features of the program are the following:

• Basic Tools – Some of the basic tools included in the software are crop, rotate, flip, resize, or mirror.
• Photo Effects – Effects can also be applied to the image. The program comes with over 50 image effects. Some of which include oil painting, pencil, blur, sepia, blur, and black & white.
• Clipart – Clipart can also be added to the images. This is handy when creating a photo collage. Some of the items included are characters, objects, flags, and smileys.
• Automatic Enhancement – PhoXo can automatically change color levels and the contrast of an image.
• Drag and Drop – The software supports the drag and drop feature making images easier to import to the application.

The workspace for the program consists of all editing tools. All the icons and buttons are labeled accordingly and are self-explanatory. The program also has a help file that covera different topics on how to use the features of the software.