PhotoZoom Classic 3 6.0.2

BenVista (Shareware)

PhotoZoom Classic 3 is a computer program that can enlarge images without sacrificing the quality of the photograph. The program makes use of high-tech tools such as S-Spline and S-Spline XL technologies for best results. The tools which are available ensure that the resulting image is neither too sharp nor too soft. One of the newest additions to the utility is the function that removes noise and compression artifacts on JPEG images.

Owners of digital cameras are often looking for applications that make it easy for them to manipulate images based on the needs of the moment. The program allows them to do this. Anyone who operates PhotoZoom is given the opportunity to fine-tunes settings manually. A preview window gives the user a clear idea of what the outcome is. Upon viewing, the user of the program can make the necessary adjustments so that the final image comes out with optimal settings.

Users of PhotoZoom Classic 3 can take advantage of presets that provide a number of options with regard to graphical images and photos, particularly image files taken from the Internet. PhotoZoom Classic 3 is an image enlarger that is reliable and easy to use. The program takes very little space on the computer and it launches easily with the click of a button.