Mooii (Freeware)

PhotoScape is an image editing program developed and manufactured by Mooii. This program provides different image editing tools. Some of its common tools and functions include the displaying of images, creating photomontages, creating impressions, and converting file formats.

The PhotoScape program includes an Image Viewer tool. This tool can be used to view files in presentation mode. This application can also be used to adjust brightness levels, contrast, and color. Editing masks and frames is also possible with this program. The PhotoScape program has a set of editing tools for laying out images, applying filters, fixing red-eye, and other image effects.

This photo editing software offers a Decorated Text feature, which can be used to insert text in images. Texts can be added with an outline, shadows, different fonts, and colors. It also has a Page tool that can be used to create a single image out of multiple images. Aside from the Page tool, this program can also combine an image to another image and even add objects such as make-up, clouds, stars, etc. Capturing screen shots is also possible with Screen Capture tools.

The PhotoScape application also works as a converter. It converts RAW files to JPEG. The application also offers a macro manager, which can be used to edit all of the images located in a single folder. It also features Batch Edition, wherein multiple images can be edited at once. Creating gifs is also possible using the PhotoScape program.