LC Technology International (Proprietary)

Photorecovery is a file recovery software developed by LC Technology International. The program is designed specially to recover file from digital storage media like flash drives and memory cards. Supported memory cards include CompactFlash, Micro SD, SD, XD, and MMC. It can recover picture files, sound files, and video files from these media. Supported formats include Camera RAW images, as well as HD videos. The program can likewise recover text files like documents and spreadsheets. However, this program is targeted for smaller drives and not hard drives.

Photorecovery recovers supported files by running the program on the selected card or flash drive. The program then copies the recovered files into the local drive of the system as a copy. As a requirement, the free storage space for the local drive should be more than twice the capacity of the drive to be recovered.

The program also features other functions. It can create an image file of the drive to be recovered which assists in archiving functions. The program also offers secure formatting and deletion functions. Users may safely format a card without worrying whether the files contained therein may be recovered by other third party software. Users may also wipe media cards without reformatting the same. The program also enables users to check the health of the card. This gives users ample time to replace a media card before it is completely non-functional.