Canon Information Systems Research Australia Pty Ltd. (Freeware)

PhotoRecord is a program from Canon that allows users to create photo albums. Users can add photos from their library to the program to create one-of-a-kind albums with different themes and layouts. The application automatically arranges the photos on the album pages. The program offers several album types, such as contact sheets, photo mosaics, booklets, and many others. There are also professional-looking themes for every occasion (birthdays, weddings, holidays, classic style, modern, etc). Additionally, users can add captions to the photos. The background image, text, and frames for the photos can be changed, too.

The PhotoRecord application has a built-in tool for decorating albums called Decorative Effects. With this tool, users can change the colors, images, sizes, and locations of the elements included in the album.

After creating a photo album, users can print them out on photo paper. The application offers print optimizing options for creating quality photo albums. Photos can be optimized prior to creating the albums. This can be done by selecting the Image Correction option before adding photos to the program. For photos that are already imported to PhotoRecord, go to the PhotoViewer window and choose Image Correction to apply it to the images in the program.