Stormdance (Freeware)

PhotoRazor is an application that allows users to easily resize their digital photos. It reduces the size of images but retains their quality. All resized images using the application are saved in a separate location so the original image stays intact. The program has an easy-to-use interface with the steps located on the left panel of the window. Even novice computer users will be able to use the application easily. Photos imported to the application are located on the right panel. When a photo is chosen, a larger version is displayed on the work area.

Users can choose the output folder for the resulting image. The size and picture quality can be changed by moving their respective sliders. The program also supports batch resizing, which can be done by selecting the option on the left side of the window. After choosing the options available, users can then see a preview of the image before resizing it permanently. Users can also rotate images with the program. Smaller images that result from resizing can then be emailed or sent to contacts easier, as they are smaller in size. Other features of the application are:

• Original files are untouched
• One-click resizing
• Does not clog up resources