inKline Software Labs (Freeware)

Photopixar is a photo album program developed by the company, inKline Software Labs. It enables users to create and publish their own photo albums and add various custom features. The program offers preset background designs, effects, and styles as well as the ability to add music and captions. The photo albums are presented in video mode and the files can be stored, sent via email, or even shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The program automatically creates a personalized album on Facebook, which allows users to keep track of comments and “likes”. The customizable effects include animation, transition, and font types and colors.

Installing Photopixar on one’s computer involves certain changes on the web browser, so users must be cautious of every single step in the installation process. The program has an easy-to-use interface, which breaks down the album-making process into three simple steps: importing of photos, template application, publishing of the album. Photos and other images can be imported by opening a browser window or using the drag-and-drop method. File formats supported by this program include JPEG, PNG, and BMP. Once the photos have been imported to the main window the user can rearrange them, add to them, delete certain images, or clear the entire album altogether.