PhotoPerfect Express 1.0

Arcadia Software AG (Freeware)

PhotoPerfect Express is a program used for enhancing and editing photos and images. The program is simple and intuitive and editing photos can be done in just a few steps. There are several built-in filters and effects that can be applied to images. All photos and images added to the program can be accessed from the bottom part of the window. When an image is selected, it appears on the work area. Optimization filters are located at the right part of the window. When a filter or effect is chosen, users can see the changes on the selected image.

In addition to adding filters and effects, the program can also be used to optimize the lighting on images. This can be done using the saturation and tone value dialog boxes. Other tools and features of the application include raw converting, increasing picture size, blooming removal, contrast, and others.

Other features of this program are as follows:

• Users do not need experience in photo editing in order to use the application
• Has expandable functionality for all the user’s editing needs
• Batch processing feature that allows users to process several photos all at the same time
• Makes use of advanced optimization methods