ArcSoft, Inc. (Proprietary)

PhotoMontage is a photo enhancement software developed by ArcSoft and released on April 2008. This program enables users to create photo collages from individual photos. This program makes it possible for users to create a photo mosaic using one main image and several individual photos that would comprise the main picture. Users may choose as little as a couple of images or as many as hundreds of pictures to make the photo mosaic. This program arranges the photos automatically and creates the photo mosaic with minimum effort from the user. It also comes with hundreds of sample images to enable the user to try the program.

PhotoMontage features an electric blue graphical user interface with a preview window on the left and buttons on the right panel. To start creating a photo montage, the Get Photo button opens an explorer window that enables users to choose the main image. Users may choose from the sample images or choose from a local folder when selecting a main image. Users may make some edits on the main image as to aspect ratio, contrast, and brightness. This is done by clicking the Edit Photo button below the Get Photo button. The Build Montage button below the Edit Photo button enables the user to select which images to include in building the photo mosaic. Users may choose the number of micro images that comprise the mosaic. Users may also configure the micro image size, pattern, image grid, and borders.