Racurs (Proprietary)

PHOTOMOD is a data photogrammetric processing program developed by Racurs and released on July 2009. The program utilizes remote sensing capabilities in extracting spatial information from different types of imagery. Image sources can be images taken by analog or digital cameras, scanned images from satellite feedback, and even aperture radars. The program features a flexible modular architecture with the capability to function in different configurations. It can function as standalone Complete Digital Photogrammetric  Workstation, as complementary workspaces, or as a high-productivity distributed network environment.

PHOTOMOD features a wide range of supported sensors and import/export tools. Data output configurations include 3D vectors, digital maps, DTMs, and orthoimages. The program is highly useful in a variety of settings including cadastre, cartography, spatial analysis, and environment monitoring. Some functions include spatial aerial triangulation, digital terrain models, 3D vectorization, 2D vectorization, orthorectification, and map making, among others. Spatial aerial triangulation is useful in calculating orientation parameters, visual control, errors analysis, and accuracy evaluation. Digital terrain modelling is useful in creating digital elevation models from satellite data. 2D and 3D vectorization is necessary in creating mathematic model scenes and terrain modelling. Orthorectification or mosaic creation is used in building color balanced, continuous orthomosaics. 3D modelling tasks are possible using stereovectorization results. Lastly, PHOTOMOD is used for cartographic purposes. The program utilizes GIS application in making digital maps of cities and other locations.