Photomizer Pro

Engelmann Media (Shareware)

Photomizer Pro by Engelmann Media is a utility that is designed for two primary functions—to repair old photographs and failed image captures and optimize digital images. This program optimizes the scanned images by eliminating cracks and applying other modern techniques. One of the top features of this program is that it utilizes an object recognition tool, which facilitates isolation of parts of the image that need to be optimized.

Photomizer Pro is a tool intended for the use of both amateur and professional photographers. Some of the available functions of this utility are full-screen preview, zoom function, noise adjustments, as well as very useful default features.

One of the highlights of the program is the retro-function, which can be used to turn current digital photographs into photos that appear as if they were taken decades ago. This program has the capability to simulate old photographs by mimicking the outputs of historical cameras.

Photomizer Pro presents users with a friendly interface that saves time. The functions are clearly presented to the user and the flow of activities is efficiently set up. There is no need to spend hours mastering the program before the user can make the most of its features. This is a tool that is simple to handle and operate, utilizing a target-oriented user interface that facilitates fast completion of projects.