Photomatix 4.2.6

HDRsoft (Proprietary)

Photomatix is an image-editing software developed by HDRsoft and first released in February 2003. This program allows users to create images with High Dynamic Range or HDR. Using this program, users can create HDR images by combining two or more images with the same subject and scene. These images are exposed differently—each exposed for either the highlights or the shadows. The resulting image shows a perfectly exposed scene with all the details visible on the brightest and darkest areas of the scene.

Photomatix user interface features a windowed display with the large portion of the screen taken up by an accessory window showing a preview of the tone-mapped image. The menu bar shows the following functions: File, Process, Automate, Utilities, View, Window, and Help. Photomatix also features a Workflow Shortcut accessory window. To load the differently exposed images, click the Load Bracketed Photos button in the Workflow Shortcut window. The Tone Mapping button on the same window allows users to launch the Tone mapping window to initiate the process of converting the images into a High-Dynamic Range image. Photomatix also allows users to modify the settings and save them for subsequent HDR image processing. Photomatix also features an automated batch-processing functionality. This program also supports different Camera RAW image file formats like Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic RAW image file formats.