Photomania Deluxe

CosmoTEK (Freeware)

Photomania Deluxe is an application that enables users to view, edit, enhance, and share their photographs and other image files. It has support for more than 40 popular image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG, among others. In addition to the basic image editing functions like resize, sharpen, and rotate, this application also comes with a full set of features that allows users to add effects to images, including Despeckle, Black and White, Sepia, Pixelate, and Glass Stain. After editing, users can save their photos in the file type they prefer.

One of the main functions of Photomania Deluxe is its photo viewer. When selected, the Viewer mode shows three main areas, namely the view area, the status bar, and the viewer toolbar. The view area is where the selected photo or image is shown. The status bar is located below the view area, and it is where users can see the information about the image, such as its size. The viewer toolbar, located at the top of the viewer window, contains the shortcut buttons users can click to apply the commonly-used commands and viewing tools.

With Photomania Deluxe, users can also organize their image files into albums. It also has a built-in email support so users can send photos directly from the application.