PhotoLine 17.53

Computerinsel GmbH (Shareware)

Photoline is a comprehensive graphic tool that is used for photo editing.  The application has a user-friendly interface which allows users to manage files by simply dragging and dropping items in folders. With this feature, users can export and import images very easily. The software uses a systematic snapshot feature that allows users to take photos without freezing or crashing.

The application offers different tools that add colors and effects to photos such as a circle, magnifier, color picker, vector drawing, mask flood fill, etc. The program has a crop tool that is used to remove a portion of an image that is no longer needed. An eraser tool is used to remove errors or areas that should be excluded in the artwork. Photoline is capable of reversing unwanted commands by simply clicking the undo button.  The document lay out can be changed by scaling, trimming and rotating the photo.

Aside from designing tools, the program provides different view modes that can be used for utilizing and optimizing features of Photoline. Users are allowed to zoom in and zoom out pictures to adjust visible details. A pixel view mode enables users to see a detailed version of the image in pixilated form.