PhotoLikr 2012 (Shareware)

PhotoLikr is an application primarily used for viewing photos and sharing these on the Internet. The program lets the user uploads the photo through the basic interface. When this is done, the user is given the option to create a photo gallery with these files. One unique feature of this program is that the user's contacts can check all the pictures uploaded. They can then rate these photos, with the ratings viewable by the user who uploaded the rated photos. They have the option to like and dislike the photos. To do that, the other users simply need to press a button on their keyboard or keypad. Each “like” acts as a vote. The more of these the photo gets, the more popular it is.

PhotoLikr has a built-in utility to allow the uploading of pictures into popular photo sharing sites like Google and Picasa. It also allows uploading to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is made possible through the "share online" function, which can be found on the right-click menu. When uploading, the user has the option to choose the photo's upload resolution (among other customizable options). For example, the user can set it to the original size or a new custom size.