PhotoInstrument 5.9

Timur Fatykhov (Shareware)

PhotoInstrument is a photo editing application. The interface is simple and can be used by novice users. Tools included in the application are photo retouching, drawing, and make-up tools. There are also other features including adding text to an image, overlaying two images to come up with a better image, and copying and pasting. Photos can be dragged and dropped to the application to start editing. The software supports batch resizing so multiple photos can be processed simultaneously. Edited photos can be saved as JPG, BMP, PNG, and other popular image file formats.

PhotoInstrument also consists of other tools, such as sharpen, colorize, smudge, clone, and liquefy. The general look of the photo can be changed with brightness, contrast, and color level tools. Beautifying tools include skin cleaner, red-eye removal, and healing brush. Users can easily compare the edited image against the original image by clicking on the ‘Original’ button.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Support for PSD (Photoshop format)
• Multi language support
• User-friendly interface
• Support for over thirty image file formats
• Come up with professional looking photos

The PhotoInstrument application comes with an extensive help video that will teach beginners how to use the program effectively.