ArcSoft, Inc. (Proprietary)

PhotoImpression is photo-managing software developed by Arcsoft in November 2007. PhotoImpression comes with a built-in Easy Fix Wizard, which allows the user to complete step-by-step procedures to enhance photos from a folder, camera, or removable media. Edited images may then be compiled to create slideshows that can be saved as screensavers or video files.

Using PhotoImpression’s Easy Fix Wizard, users can utilize different Edit options like Enhance image, Enhance Color, Fix Red-Eye,   Sharpen, and Blur Background. To manage numerous images at one time, PhotoImpression also offers one-click batch processing options, which include Rotate, Resize, and Rename. Aside from EasyFix, PhotoImpression also features a clone and retouch function, layers, and some auto-mode tools. However, transparency between layers is not supported. PhotoImpression allows users to add text to their images. Font style, size, and color may be customized. Users may also add a drop shadow or customize the text by applying a color gradient or texture.

PhotoImpression has two sharing functionality—email and print. It supports JPEG, RAW and other image file formats but not GIF. As for image organization, PhotoImpression sorts files according to the date they were taken via the Calendar Browser, or according to the date they were uploaded via the Import History Browser. Users may also view files Windows-like using the Folder Browser, or piled one on top of the other using the Stack feature. PhotoImpression also features a Media Player allowing the user to play music and videos without opening another program.